Look Chic At The Office || Summer

It’s Monday! You have to come back to work and you wanna be chic!

Summer Season is here, even at the office. So it’s time to think about how to renew your closet for the hottest days of the year and to select those ‘must have’ items to easily create office looks without renouncing a touch of femininity.

At the office your choice should be versatile and perfect to create any outfit that brings you directly from the desk to happy hour.

One of the most common problems is choosing a suitable outfit for the office because you strive to look professional and confident, all whilst staying true to the modern, chic, sensual woman you are.

Summer is the best season for finding new office outfits, because you can get out of those dark blazer’s and suits and have fun with lighter prints, colours and patterns!

Remember, the keys are confidence, modesty and comfort – all while adding your personal style through prints, colours and accessories.


Our shoes:

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How do you manage to keep your office look chic and interesting?

Share with us your Office’s Outfit on Instagram #shoeembassy #confidentincolour

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