Perfect Men: The Sock Rules

Sometimes even the most simple of tasks is a struggle. What should be an easy process can become complicated and confusing, and yes for some people this happens when they’re getting dressed each morning and they try to match their socks.

Here you can find a few simple rules, tricks and techniques to bear in mind when pairing your socks with your outfit – especially with your office suit.

Go Tonal: Easy Way

Choose a pair of socks that are either a shade darker or lighter than trousers you’re wearing.


Tonal Texture & Patterns

Same to the rule above but this time introduce some texture or a subtle pattern to your sock choice.


Make A Statement

Try picking some socks in a pattern with a base tone that picks out/match your trousers’ colour.


Be Bold

If your choice of sock is not complementary or contrasting correctly then it will clash and look like an eyesore.



Senza titolo

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