Dress Like An Iconic Music Star

There’s always someone who’s cooler, better, and smarter than the rest. He’s the kind of guy who isn’t afraid to take a risk that the average person doesn’t. That’s a Rock Star.

We’re always a click away from the last batch of style essentials you need, a spectrum of style icons to model your wardrobe after and even prescribed style risks to take. Especially in the world of music that it isn’t just about sounds, but sights too.

To inject some onstage edge into your everyday wear, you need to look to key pieces which will inject that frontman swagger without turning your outfit into fancy dress.

These men are one step above the best-dressed men in history, these are the 5 Music Icons Who Changed How Men Dress Today.


“Bob Dylan led the movement with lean cuts, sleek shades and Cuban Heels. He is the leading example of how good a man can look when simplifies his look and finds the right tailor.”


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“His style is a mix of easy breezy California cool, basement poetry readings, and an indigenous tribal edge.


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“Jarvis is the definitive King of Charity Shop chic. His take on the 1970s, seen through the eyes of 1990s Britpop, is still so influential today. As shown on the Gucci runway mixed prints, flashes of colour and the more fitted, the better.”


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Kanye is pretty much the definition of street appeal. He brought the hip-hop world away from the gritty back streets to the red carpet, in unique incarnation of prep-school style with more than a hint of swagger.”


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Pharrell approaches fashion with such individualism, adventure and ease. Connecting sportswear with street style influences and high fashion flair, he brits trends. And his choice to wear the vintage Vivienne Westwood’s ‘Buffalo Hat’ sparked influence on the runway and make exaggerated hats the must-have accessory.”


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What’s the secret to their longevity? Tell us your opinion.. What’s your favourite Iconic Music style? Share with us your outfit #shoeembassy

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