4 Most Expensive-Looking Office Shoes

The desire to step up your shoe game each season is part of every fashion girl’s agenda, but a serious habit can get expensive.

Shoes are important items of clothing. They keep your feet look pretty special too.

Sadly, there is a limit to how many pairs o shoes one woman can own: maybe you simply can’t fit any more in your wardrobe or maybe you’re spending more on them than rent. Anyway there comes a point at which you have to stop. Even Carrie Bradshaw’s love of Manolos eventually caught up with her, after she realized she had spent $10.000 on high heels and had no place to live.

We selected 4 pairs that look expensive but surprisingly are not from our Summer Selection.



Shop the edit:

Oxford: Anaconda Eye, Heels: It-Girl, Sandals: Lovebirds, Loafers: Sole Mates, Coat: Zara, Shirt: Mango, Trousers: Zara, Bag: & Other Stories.

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