Iconic Men’s Sunglasses On Film

When we say “sunglasses”, do you think of the slick Wayfares donned in Reservoir Dogs or do you think of soul in Blues Brothers?

Few things in the world make a guy look more kick-ass than a hot pair of shades.

So in homage to the sublimely aloof look lent only the awesome frames, we bring you the iconic movie sunglasses from some of our favourite Hollywood stars.

No matter the occasion, you need a solid set of shades. And who better than Hollywood’s leading men to look for some style hues. Here you can find the most classic and iconic shades worn on the big screen that you can’t go wrong with.

The next time you’re thinking “rocking” some questionable shades, you’ll gave no excuses.

The Blues Brothers || Ray Ban Wayfarer


Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas || Ray Ban Aviator Shooter


Scarface || Carrera Champion


Men in Black || Ray Ban Predator


Top Gun || Ray Ban Aviator Classic


The Thomas Crown Affair || Persol 714


Leon || Bull’s Eye Round


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